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As the police continue their investigation, they discover a plastic tea bottle filled with water in the dressing room, match cinders floating on the water, and Tetsuyama's silver-gemed ring.

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The Scenario of the Steaming Locked Room

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The police arrive and conclude that Tetsuyama slipped on a bar of soap and hit his head on the rocks.

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Conan explains Tanzawa tricked the lecherous Tetsuyama into staying in the women's sauna all night in order to see the naked Mishio Natori taking a bath; this is evidenced by the bottle in the dressing room which Tetsuyama used to stay hydrated, and the match cinders used to smoke his pipe.

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The police assume the culprit waited at the veranda for prided role in the drama murder and begin searching for people entering the sauna without writer three other cast members. Ring Part 1 Automatic ticket Tetsuyama denied him of his because he was afraid of being overshadowed as a script. Tanzawa confesses and laments how.


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