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Well, as we can see in the image, after caught to kagome, urasue put her in a tub filled with a potion to could make the ritual.

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But if you watch carefully the image, you could see that the witch only tied up the hands of kagome, leaving her legs free and untied up, making that kagome was capable to stand up from the tub or even uses her legs to pull her body outside from the tub before to lose her soul in the ritual.

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kagome tied up

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As result of this, kagome during the events of the herself without any help, as stole the remains of kikyo numb her legs, and her to could control her like kagome completely trapped in the. Well, as we can remember, was incapable to escape by episode 14, the witch Urasue the potion had paralyzed and to resurrect the decease priestess hands were tied up, leaving her puppet, and the heroes.


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