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He was involved in the most serious confrontations that happened in the series, the last one being the one against Shinichiro Ootori , where he managed to reach the 4th on a scale of eight grade of elemental control.

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Seikon No Qwaser Gifs GIFs

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Episode 1 Anime Chapter 1 Manga.

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In the second season of the series, he is disguised as a girl to find the Magdalene of Thunder along with Hana Katsuragi as his partner, in an all girl's school.

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After digging in the frozen earth in order to bury Olja's remains scarred his hands that will never recover, which is why he wears gloves most of the time.


  1. OMG finally the story continues...this is one of my absolute favorites,BBS and Nikki,make more,don't change a thing.